Our team

Our team is our most valuable company part and the main reason for our success.

Our employees are passionate about their work, think like company owners and are empowered to make decisions. They possess solid theoretical and practical skills and more often than not think ‘outside the page’. Each one has a distinct personality, but put together they make an outstanding team.

m+w MediaNetworks understands the team spirit and its amplifying effect on the working environment. We focus on our employees and inspire, provoke them.

m+w MediaNetworks sets clear and achievable priorities. We are in dialogue with our employees and together we analyse, plan and organize. We supply them with stress-free working environment and motivate their team spirit.

Our team

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Company address

  • m+w MediaNetworks EOOD
  • 112, Skopie str., 5-th floor
  • 4004 Plovdiv, BULGARIA

Administration details

Radiana Radeva, CEO